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Converting Brick and Mortar - Only Customers into Omnichannel Shoppers

The future of retail in an offline to online world. Learn the best practices to drive more valuable offline conversions

With brick and mortar representing 84% of all retail sales in the U.S., that’s a nearly $3.2 trillion segment of the American retail economy hobbled. Online shopping has an opportunity to fill the gap. As such, retailers are now in need for strategies and tactics to migrate physical store offline shoppers online.

But like many strategies for persevering through the COVID-19 crisis and the new socially distanced economy, bringing offline shoppers online already made good business sense.

Based on data from a range of ActionIQ’s CDP clients, customers who buy offline and in store are significantly more profitable than single-channel shoppers:

  • Average annual spend is 2x that of other repeat buyers
  • Margins are 130% higher versus other repeat buyers
  • They are 50% more likely to keep shopping year after year

That’s why focusing on converting brick and mortar-only shoppers to an omnichannel approach makes sense as both a near-term tactic, as well as a longer-term strategy for business health and growth.

Download our ebook to learn the tips and techniques to convert store-only shoppers into digital omnichannel consumers. Inside you'll read: 

  • How omnichannel retailing can drives more revenue, margin and repeat purchases
  • Why certain shoppers opt for brick and mortar experiences
  • Techniques for migrating store-only shoppers online
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