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DynamIQ Exchange 2019

200 attendees from 80 brands descended on NYC to talk about the customer experience revolution and the future of our industry.

We're in the middle of an industry-wide revolution as a new generation of data-driven business leaders transforms how businesses interact with their customers. Experiences are what matter. Studies show that 84%* of consumers prioritize experience over the actual product or services they buy while 66%** prioritize experience over price.

The experience opportunity is massive and over the course of the day, we focused sessions on actionable ideas and themes for how to go after it:

  • Data, because unless you understand where each customer is coming from you can't influence where they are going next;
  • Intelligence, because you need to turn data into actions quickly and at scale;
  • Journeys, because you have to be at the channel that the customer prefers, not the other way around.

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DynamIQ Exchange 2019

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