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Customer Data Platforms: A Complete Evaluation Guide

Personalization at scale needs a true Enterprise CDP with all the capabilities required to achieve speed, agility, and depth. Our guide will help ensure you get the CDP you need.

Your CDP should be a smart hub that connects to any data source and any channel, empowering your marketing team to take action on 100% of your customer data. How?

To transform billions of customer data points into personalized, “one-voice” conversations, an Enterprise CDP must support a seamless flow of actionable customer data from across your enterprise. Marketers cannot wait for weeks or months for technical experts to prepare data, build audiences or create reports. They need intuitive ways to interact with all the data, from building audiences to cross-channel testing and measurement. This requires a comprehensive, 5-step approach including (1) data unification, (2) identity matching, (3) defining customer attributes, (4) audience discovery & insights and (5) activation and orchestration.


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