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Marketing Efficiency, Productivity & Revenue

Increase Marketing Efficiency, Productivity & Revenue

Use Cases for Banking, Retail, Media & Travel

For any marketer, top-line revenue growth is a critical KPI. Revenue growth requires a combination of new customer acquisition as well as LTV growth for existing customers. These use cases illustrate the revenue growth opportunity for your specific industry via CDP Marketing.

Most  marketers work with a limited budget and organizational resources (people and technology) to deliver revenue growth. ActionIQ provides the capabilities marketers need for optimal efficiency and productivity in today’s competitive landscape—yielding greater return for your marketing efforts. Learn more about ActionIQ use cases for:

  • Marketing productivity: improve budget efficiency and reduce spend waste, driving an overall increase in ROI without brand over-saturation or dilution
  • Organizational efficiency: optimize people, process, and technology to ensure you can drive automated, coordinated cross-channel campaigns, freeing up expensive resources for higher-value work
  • Incremental revenue: find new revenue opportunities to acquire more valuable customers, grow LTV, and retain high-value customers with deeper customer intelligence and personalization

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Trusted By Industry Leaders 2019 was a Record Year for Digital Growth at The New York Times Company

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