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Winning at Cross-channel to Deliver a Cohesive Customer Experience

Leading companies are increasingly investing in cross-channel marketing that drives a seamless customer experience. Gain insights on where you stand and how you can get ahead by reading our Peer Benchmark Study & Recommendations report.

Consumers today expect all of their experiences to be consistent, built off prior interaction, and stitched together seamlessly, regardless of digital or real-world origin.

Achieving this goal isn’t easy, as it requires organizational change and the evolution of processes and technology, while continuing to get the most out of your existing investments.

In this benchmark report, see how your peers rank their efforts to move from channel-specific to cross-channel marketing in their approach to defining and delivering a seamless customer experience.

Some key recommendations to walk away with:

  • Build a more complete view of the customer to get to know them everywhere.
  • Require customer experience and marketing teams to jointly control data usage.
  • Don’t make technology the end game, rather the foundation of more engaging interactions.

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