You bring the data,
we’ll bring the CDP

Try ActionIQ's
no-cost POC

With ActionIQ’s complete Composable CDP, IT and data teams get better data governance and control, while marketers get easy-to-use tools that map directly into the existing data warehouse, making setup a breeze with scale and flexibility for the future.

Turn Any Data Warehouse into a CDP

What is ActionIQ’s POC?


Free and Fast

ActionIQ is offering no-cost proof of concepts that can be stood up in as little as 30 minutes



Just bring your data from an existing cloud data warehouse like Teradata, Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, or AWS



Watch as a simple marketer-friendly interface gets quickly mapped directly to the data where it lives - no data copy required

POC in Four Steps


Understand existing data
in data warehouse

Set Up

ActionIQ maps to existing data, adds semantic layer

Data Hands On

Data teams invited
to test connections, validate
data activation

Marketing Hands On

Marketing and Business users
test user experience, creating
audiences and journeys

With ActionIQ’s POC
you’ll get:

Technology Validation for Data and IT Teams

Test ActionIQ’s technology by integrating it directly and seamlessly with your existing stack, in just a few clicks.

Hands-On Experience for Marketers and Customer Experience Teams

Discover yourself how quickly your team will be able to get complete insights and innovate.

Alignment Across the Board

Reduce the buying cycle, accelerate trust and align your team on the solution.


Reach out now to get started:

Glen Shillinglaw
Head of Global Marketing Operations
Atlassian logo

"ActionIQ serves as an activation layer on top of our Databricks environment so that’s just been a game-changer. With HybridCompute, no longer having to duplicate databases will be huge for us."


Database: A data warehouse for one of ActionIQ’s existing HybridCompute connectors: Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery Amazon Redshift, Teradata VantageCloud.

A Customer base table that contains all customer records. Another table available, with raw events (clicks, orders) or demographic user information.

S3 Bucket:
One S3 bucket to receive activated profiles.