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Real-Time Customer Experiences (RTCX)

Empower your enterprise to deliver timely, relevant and authentic experiences based on the full customer profile.

The Challenge

Delivering real-time customer experiences is complex, difficult to achieve and nearly impossible to optimize. With contextual information typically limited to a single channel, brands struggle to provide personalized experiences in the right place at the right time, diminishing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Solution



Quickly take action on detected events using contextual and historical information.



Combine business rules and historical analytics in real-time on the full 360-degree customer profile



Confidently orchestrate experiences across all channels for marketing, sales and servicing use cases

The Benefits


Enhance & Expand Revenue Streams

Drive sales and inspire brand loyalty via personalized customer experiences while ensuring you never miss out on opportunities.


Increase Operational Efficiency

Unburden your marketing and IT departments from inefficient processes while putting an end to data silos and bottlenecks.


Improve Customer Experiences

Exceed expectations by delivering real-time experiences no matter where or when customers engage with your brand.

"With ActionIQ, we've connected all the data sources to be able to create segments and use them for real-time marketing."


Ekta Chopra
Chief Digital Officer, e.l.f. Beauty

RTCX Use Cases

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Unifiy Company & Buyer Activity
Abandoned Events

Convert high-intent shoppers who start but abandon actions by leaving your website before completion.

Plan Up-Sell
New Registrations

Target newly registered customers for personalized messaging & onboarding experiences.

User Retention
Account Updates

Notify brand representatives and inform outreach based on changes to customer account and profile data.

Bimodal Behaviors
Ads & Offers

Fuel web personalization engines with historical information to tailor digital ads and offers.

Quote Conversion
User Identification

Identify customers and access their up-to-date information for service interactions.

Quote Conversion
Next Best Actions

Supply next-best-action systems with detailed customer profile data to determine optimal next steps.

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Bridge the Gap Between Information and Insight

Contextual data only reveals part of the picture. Make sure you deliver real-time customer experiences based on the full customer view that are tailored, relevant and helpful. Build brand loyalty, increase revenue generation and uncover new opportunities to optimize customer interactions.


Discover what makes RTCX the most comprehensive real-time customer experience solution.


Data Collection

Collect data in real time from any location and in any format online or offline.



Transform and enrich contextual data with historical information.


Profile API

Access comprehensive customer profiles and attributes to support real-time strategy.



Centralize orchestration and power omnichannel customer experiences.

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A Customer Data Platform Built to Scale With Your Business

ActionIQ combines real-time data infrastructure with an analytics engine designed to rapidly interpret and activate data based on the full customer view. Our platform is built on our proprietary InfiniteCompute technology — making ActionIQ the only dynamically scalable CDP that provides unlimited computation power to your organization.


2022 CDP Market Guide

Most companies have either already implemented a customer data platform or plan to, but that doesn’t mean choosing the right technology is easy. New vendors are flooding the CDP market to capitalize on demand. Enterprise brands must navigate a crowded and confusing landscape to understand their options and find the solution that best suits their business needs.

Let us help you cut through the noise.

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