Maturity Assessment

Your Acquisition Strategy is:
Vulnerable Managed Robust

You have some knowledge of the implications to your business, but lack clarity on how to set a new acquisition strategy in motion. You may lack access to data, and the data you do have is fragmented and difficult to activate.

You’re still hanging on to third-party cookies and walled gardens, which is putting you at some risk, but you’re also making solid moves to collect first-party data and deploy strategies with a first-party forward foundation to build strong, direct relationships with your customers.

You have the data, you have the plans and you’re ready to face the cookie-free future. There are still unknowns and you’re aware of them, but you’re tuned into these changes and ready to adjust your strategy.

What to do next

Get educated on what the cookiepocalypse means for your organization’s future and act now to avoid losing control when the dust settles, and paying a high and increasing price to maintain your acquisition strategy without alternate options. Your first order of business: Understand first-party data strategies. Start building trust with your customers and collect first-party data at every opportunity.

Build on your first-party data strategy, and make sure that the data that you’ve already collected is actionable and meets every regulatory requirement (local, federal, industry, etc). Start putting that first-party data to work and reduce wasted spend in advertising and marketing programs, while optimizing your campaigns.

Confirm that you’re still able to test and optimize your strategies as regulations and technical capabilities are evolving. Take advantage of your position to innovate and grow a flexible acquisition marketing program with better automation to make the most of your first-party data. Evolve your acquisition strategy with the right foundations to grow each customer.

Boost your acquisition strategy

Get inspiration for strategies on how to collect and manage first-party data, with use-cases and campaigns designed to inspire long-term loyalty.

Boost your acquisition strategy

Discover specific use-cases for making the transition to a first-party forward future, and how you can futureproof your acquisition marketing program.

Boost your acquisition strategy

Get inspiration and ideas on how to continue to evolve your acquisition strategy from brands who have elevated their approach with a CDP.

Post-Cookie Acquisition
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