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Real-Time Orchestration & Intelligence Hub

Powered by the fastest, most scalable Customer Data Platform, ActionIQ is the fastest path from customer data to personalized experiences at scale. Track customer interactions and behavioral data to develop unique journeys for each customer.

CDP Platform Capabilities


ActionIQ can sit on top our data lake and run increasingly large scale marketing operations for us, which has been a real sore spot for us historically.

Nick Rockwell, Chief Technology Officer

Unify Your Online & Offline Customer Database


Create a unified customer database. Prebuilt connectors enable streaming and batch integrations from multiple data sources: data warehouses, data lakes and all standard marketing tech.
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Real-time analytics engine dynamically scales to handle the full breadth and depth of raw data with no up-front data modeling.
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Providing a personalized experience is key to improving your business in the modern world. Proprietary AI framework to cleanse, match and sync customer identities to achieve a 360° single view of each and every customer.
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Analyze All Customer Behaviors with Real-Time Data


Powerful data-to-business translation layer consolidates and translates data from multiple channels to give your marketing team data-driven insights for unprecedented control, speed, and agility to go from idea to action.
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Visual business UI marketing technology enables marketers to use iterative, real-time analysis against customer data to define audiences for easy segmentation—100% on their own.
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Native artificial intelligence/machine learning framework to power more effective and scalable modeling across your entire marketing ecosystem to give your actionable insight into your marketing campaign.
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Orchestrate Customer Experiences Across Every Channel


Drag and drop UI to deliver deeply contextual experiences in-sync with each customer’s lifecycle journey with your brand.
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Stream and combine in-the-moment customer events with the complete historical customer profile to deliver personalized experiences in real-time.
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Out-of-the-box connectors enable low latency streaming and batch integrations with all marketing/analytics external systems and technologies.
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