Our Team

The ActionIQ team has expertise building complex technologies for billion-user consumer products as well as enterprise software that delivers value for Fortune 500 companies globally. Learn more about our team members below:

  • Tasso Argyros, Founder & CEO


    Tasso started ActionIQ to combine his passions for solving real-world business data problems and developing innovative technology. Originally from Greece, he dropped out of the PhD program at Stanford to start one of the first companies in the Big Data infrastructure space, Aster Data.
  • Nitay Joffe, Founder & CTO


    Nitay founded ActionIQ to explore his passion for innovations in databases, distributed systems, & big data. He was an instrumental engineer in Facebook’s data infrastructure initiatives, and a core contributor to open source projects HBase & Giraph.
  • Andrew Acedo, Sales


    Andrew has an insatiable curiosity about why people do the things they do. He joined ActionIQ to learn about the data and science behind human actions and how next-gen software can make world-class brands better stewards of their customers’ wants and needs.
  • Priya Aggarwal, Marketing


    Over the past 15+ years, Priya has worked with high-tech B2B companies to articulate how technology is an enabler to solve business problems and leverage data to make smart decisions while empowering marketers to drive customer-centric strategies.
  • Justin DeBrabant, Product


    Justin spent his formative years building large distributed systems to support data science and analytics. Justin holds a Ph.D. from Brown University where he researched scaling high-throughput in-memory database systems to support larger-than-memory datasets.
  • Raschin Fatemi, Design


    Raschin is the head of design at ActionIQ. She enjoys the abstrusity of turning abstract into palpable and back through design.
  • Steve McColl, Engineering


    Steve leads Engineering at ActionIQ and loves building excellent enterprise software products and excellent engineering teams. Outside of the office, he spends most of his time with his wife and 3 daughters in Brooklyn and a little time riding motorcycles or making music.
  • Edouard Servan-Schreiber, Engineering


    Edouard really has loved data since his PhD from Berkeley in Theoretical Computer-Science. He landed back on Earth and worked with Teradata in Europe, then MongoDB in NYC. Edouard is French and likes to wear scarves.
  • Chelsea Berry, Marketing


    After being in the music industry for over 6 years, Chelsea brings a new perspective to AIQ’s Marketing team. She looks to bring an innovative approach to marketing technology by building out unique experiences that inspire and create communities.
  • Ali Bogdonoff, Sales


    Ali is excited about helping enterprises solve some of today’s biggest marketing challenges. Fresh off a stint at Columbia Business School, she’ll solve any crime by dinner time.
  • Peter Blanco, Engineering


    Peter is passionate about all things tech and product. Prior to joining ActionIQ, he worked in the TV and film industry winning an Engineering Emmy award. Before that, he was a founding member of a grocery delivery startup at Cornell University while getting a B.A. in computer science.
  • Noah Christiano, Engineering


    Noah came to ActionIQ from the University of Rochester, where he received his undergraduate degree. At ActionIQ, Noah is excited to help grow a fast moving company working on fascinating technical problems with computer systems.
  • Laura Chevalier, Engineering


    Laura was pulled into ActionIQ straight out of NYU, graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Her hunger for human-centric, data-driven challenges is matched by her hunger for the many culinary offerings of NYC. She enjoys running, yoga, and painting in her free time.
  • David Cupp, Engineering


    David comes to ActionIQ hoping to enjoy the fast paced growth and scaling concerns of a young startup after a tenure at large companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Bloomberg. In his personal life he enjoys drinking, dancing, painting, volleyball, karaoke, motorcycles, and symphonic metal.
  • Kia Dalili, Data Science


    Kia joined ActionIQ to help build systems that would empower people to translate data to actionable insights. Previously he was a Data Scientist at Facebook, and observed how people needed him to do the translation. In ActionIQ he sees the opportunity to empower others to do the same.
  • Haverly Damon, Marketing


    Haverly has spent her marketing career in technology and financial services. She loves the storytelling aspect of content marketing and the challenge of putting all of it together like a puzzle. She loves travel (especially to Hawaii), reading and cooking.
  • Rob Dennison, Customer Success


    Rob has spent the past 15 years in marketing helping clients drive successful marketing and customer experience programs – most recently at Epsilon where he partnered with his clients to integrate data into core marketing and CRM programs. He joined AIQ because he believes marketers need agility and better access to insights.
  • Emily Evans, Engineering


    Emily is a native Texan who enjoys enabling customers to leverage their data. She also enjoys living in New York City, her cat, and puns. Outside of work you can find her scoping out the comedy scene or working in the glass hot shop in Brooklyn.
  • Larry Finn, Engineering


    Before joining ActionIQ, Larry was working at AppNexus for several years as a Principal Engineer. He brings a pragmatic approach to engineering, real world experience, woot shirts with swishy pants, and a love for salads.
  • Juan Galan, Engineering


    Having left the world of supply chain and analytics, Juan has found a tech home at ActionIQ, and is driven by the use of data to solve real problems. Outside of work, you’ll probably find him playing soccer, listening to latin music, or riding his bike.
  • Allen George, Engineering


    Allen is responsible for enterprise-scale cat gifs at ActionIQ. You can reach him at cats@actioniq.com.
  • Casey Green, Engineering


    Before joining ActionIQ, Casey led the data team at Conductor, where he scaled their data collection, processing, and ETL systems. He lives in Austin, Texas where he eats tacos, smokes large format meats, and fights crime with his dog Bruce Wayne.
  • Ryan Greene, Engineering


    Prior to ActionIQ, Ryan was at American Express where he launched Plenti, the first loyalty coalition program in the U.S. He joined AIQ because he believes that marketers are most effective when they have user friendly tools and direct access to all their data.
  • Tamara Gruzbarg, Sales


    Tamara loves telling stories from the data and helping companies realize the value from insights. She joined ActionIQ after being a client of the platform herself, and believes that AIQ is a truly transformational product, making data-driven marketing a reality.
  • Derek Harden, Engineering


    Derek is a software engineer who left the hedge fund world in search for an environment where he could combine his passion for great technology with his interest in wearing skinny jeans. Outside the office, he enjoys exploring New York, endurance racing, and painting.
  • Daniel Heyman, Engineering


    Daniel joined ActionIQ out of the excitement to work with the top minds in the industry. He finds enjoyment in constantly learning every day while developing a ground-breaking product. He spends his leisure time experimenting with various cuisines, fitness programs, and hodling crypto.
  • JD Kemsley, Engineering


    JD joined ActionIQ because of the opportunity to learn about the myriad technologies and ‘best practices’ in the industry. Out of the office, he is an avid board-gamer and enjoys dabbling in IoT and other web projects.
  • Anthony Kim, Engineering


    Anthony joined ActionIQ to build an awesome product that makes seemingly complicated data tasks into simple, elegant ones. Previously, he was working as the technical lead at Macy’s Digital on marketing campaigns.
  • Steven Kopp, Operations


    Steven hopped on board ActionIQ as their Office Manager having come from a theatrical background as a personal assistant to broadway producers and casting directors. He knows nothing about big data but he loves technology. He also loves comics.
  • Rose Kozar, Engineering


    Rose joined ActionIQ after roles in analytics and relationship management at an enterprise software company. She saw a clear need to democratize data across organizations in order to empower marketing teams, and is excited to deliver on that vision at AIQ!
  • Harry Ledley, Engineering


    Harry, born in New York City, but raised in the burbs, was ecstatic when ActionIQ had him stay in New York City instead of the SF tech world. His primary purpose at ActionIQ is to provide lunch recommendations, he also spends some of his day writing JavaScript and scribbling Scala.
  • Jin Lee, Sales


    Jin is passionate about finding technology that can disrupts how an industry runs. Before joining ActionIQ, he worked to bring technology to the restaurant industry. Now he is ready to bring big data over to marketers! In his free time you can find him at concerts, the best restaurants in NYC, or on his couch watching Parks & Rec again.
  • Ted Lee, Engineering


    Ted believes that ActionIQ is leading the data-driven innovation. Prior to ActionIQ, he worked for Dell EMC and NetApp with extensive research and development experiences in data storage technologies. He studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Oxford.
  • Ric Lwin, Engineering


    Ric joined ActionIQ to show businesses how they can use their data to establish more meaningful customer connections. Prior to joining, Ric worked for BlueKai (acquired by Oracle) where he helped Fortune 500 businesses get the most out of 1st and 3rd party data.
  • Danish Malik, Engineering


    Danish joined ActionIQ to help lead the data-driven revolution in the world of marketing. Danish has degrees in Economics and Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Daniel Marcus, Engineering


    A New York native who uses technology to solve big problems. As a former Facebook Release Engineer, Daniel hopes to build a rock solid infrastructure and deployment strategy to enable others to focus on impact.
  • Carl Mattfeld, Engineering


    Carl joined ActionIQ after spending 3 years optimizing mobile advertising campaigns using machine learning technology. Having experienced the data gap for marketers first-hand, he is now excited to be part of ActionIQ to provide a solution for it. He studied Physics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Annie McClorey, Engineering


    Annie joined ActionIQ after spending 4 years at a predictive analytics software company managing engagements with some of the world’s largest corporations where she saw first-hand the data gap that exists for many marketers.
  • Alex Moore, Engineering


    Working on everything from build tools to CSS animations, Alex enjoys the freedom of being a fullstack engineer at ActionIQ. He also enjoys a full stack of pancakes. In his free time, Alex can be found searching for the best sushi in NYC.
  • Takis Mousoulis, Engineering


    Takis, originally from Greece, has been in NYC for several years working at Bloomberg and Yahoo. He joined ActionIQ to be part of a startup that is building an innovative product and solving technical challenges in areas he’s interested in, like distributed systems and big data.
  • Tim Murphy, Engineering


    With a ChemE degree form RPI, and experience developing Electronic Medical Records at Epic, Tim’s love for technology has lead him to be an infrastructure engineer at ActionIQ, where we create the lego blocks of development. For fun, Tim loves to eat curry and game competitively.
  • Andrew Park, Product


    Andrew joined ActionIQ after leading the Partner Eng. Team at Yext where he integrated and maintained the data pipeline from over 100 partner sites. Before that he worked on projects from photo aggregation iOS apps to an on-demand burrito delivery platform.
  • Dev Patel, Engineering


    Passionate about creating products with impeccable experiences and extreme engineering underneath, Dev primarily works on front end codebase and fights over detailed perfection for the front line of the ActionIQ platform, the web interface. When he is not working, he explores and creates art, reads about technology, startups, and psychology.
  • Mitesh Patel, Engineering


    Mitesh previously worked on Microsoft Facebook, a new product in the enterprise social media space. He likes challenges that go deeper in the stack, which ActionIQ has plenty of. Also he’s currently the best poker player in the company.
  • David Pierce, Engineering


    David started out with a Phd from Cornell in ML & NLP, but has been gravitating toward big data distributed systems ever since. Prior to joining ActionIQ he was a founding engineer for a startup that mined the web’s news for influencers and their opinions.
  • Rima Poddar, Engineering


    Before ActionIQ, Rima was working at Cerner developing web apps for consumer healthcare. Now she’s excited to work on a product that helps companies target and understand their customers better. In her free time, you can find Rima watching (and rewatching) The Office.
  • Ryan Puskar, Sales


    Prior to joining ActionIQ Ryan worked in the DMP space, simplifying the complex intersection of data and marketing. Ryan joined to think differently and solve marketer’s problems. When he’s not working, Ryan is spending time trying new food and drinks.
  • Alejandro San Segundo, Engagement


    Alejandro is a mechanical engineer who took a turn to investment banking. After two years, he joined AIQ in the booming world of data technology. When he’s not working from the office couch, you can find him traveling the world, frequenting music festivals, or cheffing out for his food blog.
  • Danny Sigurdson, Sales


    Danny is passionate about how data can be leveraged to improve real world outcomes. He has spent time at several SaaS companies, most recently at a predictive analytics company where he led the application of advanced analytics in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industries.
  • Robert Van Wesep, Data Science


    Robert emerged from the world of Theoretical Physics to bring his need to solve problems to ActionIQ. He sees an opportunity to build tools for actionable insights into an innovative product. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of TN.
  • Brandon Willett, Engineering


    Always a big fan of functional programming, Brandon was thrilled to find ActionIQ, a fast-moving startup with Scala as the bedrock. When he’s not mapping, filtering, or reducing, he enjoys writing two-sentence personal blurbs about his career interests in the third person. He also loves his road bike.
  • Nondas Virvidakis, Engineering


    Nondas loves finding new ways that technology can drive measurable business results. He previously managed platform and data initiatives in financial services, and joined AIQ for a break from a suit & tie at work. Outside the office, you’ll find him skiing in the mountains or sailing in the sea.
  • Artem Yermanov, Sales


    Artem is passionate about the intersection of data and marketing. Prior to joining ActionIQ, he’s worked at various adtech and data visualization startups, most recently as a strategic sales leader at the top mobile attribution and measurement platform. He loves to help companies solve complex business challenges and is energized by innovative real-world use cases.
  • Qiuyan Zhang, Design


    Qiuyan is designing stuff at ActionIQ. She enjoys science fictions, soccer, reality shows, and learning new languages. When she’s not doing the things above, she usually gets drunk with coffee.
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