ActionIQ Introduces Profile API for Real-Time Personalization, Connecting the Data Warehouse to The Customer Experience

New Profile API follows a flurry of recent real-time capabilities released by the industry-leading composable CDP provider including data collection, identity resolution, decisioning, and activation.

In October 2021, we introduced our industry-first fully integrated Real-Time Customer Experience solution, and reaffirmed our commitment to investing in real-time capabilities across the full spectrum of CX operations. Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability of Profile API, the latest addition to ActionIQ’s Real-Time CX module. With this feature, business teams can access comprehensive customer intelligence whenever and wherever they need it, delivering personalized customer experiences in real time, directly on top of the data warehouse.

Turning Customer Demand into Reality

In the current digital era, consumers don’t just want personalization, they demand it. To truly stand out and build lasting relationships with customers, forward-looking brands are proactively seeking ways to deliver on these expectations — to not only get it fast, but to also get it right. To enable in-the-moment personalization, one of the major obstacles brands face is gaining on-demand and real-time access to customer data. To address this need, we developed Profile API. This feature enables ActionIQ clients to retrieve (pull) data from any system whenever they need it, in addition to activating (push) data out of the data warehouse.

We began testing the Profile API in a private preview program in June 2022, during which we gathered valuable customer feedback. This test cycle gave us insight into the personalization strategies that our enterprise clients are looking to deploy, which can now be enabled through our new Profile API.

Unlocking Real-Time Personalization

With the highly-performant ActionIQ Profile API, organizations can easily retrieve comprehensive customer intelligence within milliseconds, connecting the data warehouse to the customer experience. By submitting a request message that contains a single piece of identity (e.g. a customer ID), they can obtain the following information:

  • The “golden record” of the matching customer’s profile data, which encompasses all known data from various sources, providing a complete 360-degree view of the individual’s demographics and more
  • Any profile attributes related to that individual, fully customizable to meet their specific needs
  • A list of business-user-defined audience segments to which the individual belongs

This instant access to extensive customer data allows teams to achieve their CX objectives by effortlessly delivering real-time personalization use cases, such as:

  • Web or In-app Personalization: Tailor website content to individual visitors based on their most up-to-date profile and behavior data; for example, displaying products or offers that are relevant to their interests and preferences
  • Email Personalization at Open Time: Display a relevant offer at the moment the email is opened, rather than when it is sent
  • Call Center Support: Quickly identify customers and access their latest profile information during phone calls to efficiently address customer requests

Real-Time CX Powered by Continuous Intelligence

With the inclusion of Profile API, ActionIQ CX Hub provides data teams and marketers with access to a robust set of tools that distinguishes itself from traditional CDPs and reverse ETL solutions. With the three components — ActionIQ Tag, Profile API, and Triggers — ActionIQ’s Real-Time CX module is fully equipped to support end-to-end real-time customer experiences, starting from the collection of digital events in real time, to leveraging data warehouses for instantaneous decision-making, and finally, enabling real-time experience orchestration across all channels.

By utilizing the Real-Time CX module, enterprise brands like Albertsons are advancing up the maturity curve, with ActionIQ driving increases of weekly click rate and redemption rate, resulting in a 45% increase in customer engagement and 263% increase in digital sales over a two-year period.

Profile API quote from Albertsons

Get Started

The ActionIQ Profile API is generally available as a key component of ActionIQ CX Hub’s Real-Time CX module. Check out our ActionIQ Real-Time CX Solution Brief or contact us to learn how ActionIQ CX Hub’s Real-Time CX solution can fuel fast, intelligent and personalized customer experiences and achieve your real-time CX goals.

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