ActionIQ Introduces Customer Experience Solution for Acquisition Marketing Powered by First-Party Data

ActionIQ today announced its CX Hub for Acquisition Marketing, a powerful solution that allows advertisers and marketers to prospect and acquire new customers in a world without third-party cookies. As a result, brands can sunset their data management platforms (DMPs) which rely on third-party cookies and future-proof their acquisition strategy by leveraging first-party data, augmented with third-party identities for addressability.

This solution covers all the key use cases of acquisition marketing, including prospecting, site personalization, retargeting, and suppression, all by leveraging first-party data in a secure and privacy-conscious way.

For organizations looking for a solution to replace their DMP, the new AIQ offering has unique features that allow brands to:

  • Augment data with numerous third-party vendors, including identity vendors such as LiveRamp and Neustar
  • Append identities in real-time via native identity integrations with the brand’s preferred walled gardens and demand-side platforms (DSPs), including Facebook, Google, and MediaMath, obviating the need for additional data onboarding for activation 
  • Syndicate both known and anonymous audiences directly to the walled gardens and DSP without solely relying on data onboarders
  • Use their first-party data to create highly customized audiences that are optimized with native lookalike modeling
  • Benefit from a growing number of strategic partnerships with identity and clean room technology providers. ActionIQ is already partnering with Neustar, Merkle, LiveRamp, Acxiom, Data Axle and InfoSum.

“The deprecation of third-party cookies, previously the industry standard for tracking anonymous website visitors in support of acquisition use cases, is forcing brands to re-evaluate their stack and focus more on first-party data,” said Justin DeBrabant, Senior Vice President of Product at ActionIQ.

“But just collecting first-party data isn’t enough, it also needs to be augmented with third-party identities and direct integrations to the brand’s preferred walled gardens and DSPs, and the organization needs to be empowered with that data through self-service access,” he continued. 

“With the patchwork of current regulations constantly evolving, acquisition costs driven by increasing walled garden CPMs on the rise, and technologies underpinning third-party data in the midst of a major transformation, brands need to invest in their data, take an agnostic and flexible approach to third-party data, and empower their organization to be agile and able to respond and adapt quickly,” added DeBrabant.  

Learn More About CX for Acquisition Marketing

Download The Enterprise Guide to Acquisition Marketing Powered by First-Party Data to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences by adopting a smart hub approach — all without third-party cookies.

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