ActionIQ and Its CMO Named One of Top Martech Companies in 2022 by Business Insider

NEW YORK, August 8, 2022 ActionIQ today announced that Business Insider has named it one of The Hottest Marketing Tech Companies of 2022.  The fourth annual list of executives who are shaping the future of martech includes Leah Pope, the AIQ Chief Marketing Officer. 

To quote Business Insider, “The competition to standing out in marketing tech is intensifying.”  The article continues, “For the fourth year in a row, Insider is recognizing the marketing tech companies shaking up the industry.”

ActionIQ helps enterprises pull together fragmented customer insights and putting impactful CX in motion with an extensible AIQ CX Hub powered by a Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

“We are very excited to be recognized as a leading martech company and we’re proud to take our place on the list that includes both industry giants and startups,” said Tasso Argyros, Co-Founder and CEO at ActionIQ. “Leah Pope is a key player on the AIQ executive team, and she has truly moved the needle to help AIQ stand out as the only company that can help brands bring order to CX chaos by pulling together fragmented customer insights and putting impactful customer experiences in motion.” 

The AIQ CX Hub is the only solution that can combine the full historical customer profile with real-time events – leveraging both known and anonymous customer and account data – to decision and orchestrate the next best experience or customer journey.

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