Idea to execution in minutes

Marketers face a ubiquitous challenge–overcoming painfully disparate data, dismal analytics, and dependence on internal data and tech resources. In that climate, even the most creative marketing teams become entrenched in their playbook. ActionIQ gives marketers freedom: friction-free access to the right data, insights to formulate and test hypotheses, and tools to launch individualized campaigns across all channels in minutes, not weeks or months.

Hone your efforts with analytics on which channel performs most effectively per audience.
We break down the walls around your data–email, social, clickstream, online, in-store, all in one place.
With a direct line from analytics to your marketing stack, deploy insights into campaigns in real time.

We would wait 3-4 days just to get a count, but now I can do it in a matter of minutes, which is incredible. I don’t think other companies get that kind of granularity with that kind of quickness.”


Alvina Amo-Adjei, Email Marketing Manager, Gilt

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