Meet the CDP Experts

If you’ve spent any time recently trying to answer questions like; what should my martech stack look like to support personalization at scale? What is a CDP and what should my top use cases be? Or how do I measure the success of recent investments or org changes? Then perhaps some face time with an ActionIQ industry expert can help.

Request a meeting and tell us how we can help. Some topics that might help get you started:

  • Value Optimization Workshop: Trying to improve retention, moving customers from offline to online or, even trying to sell the same number of products but with a better margin. We can review your current channels and develop a plan that can be executed in 4 to 6 weeks to help you.
  • Marketing Technology Stacks - Should I go best of breed or integrated suite? how do I select the right stack for my organization?
  • Marketing Measurement - Can you help me with a roadmap of measurement tactics to help you determine marketing ROI?
  • CDP Use Cases - Can someone walk me through where to start or where to take my program next?
  • CDP Evaluation Design - How do I narrow down my evaluation criteria and craft my RFP?


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Our Experts include:


Ryan Greene

Head of Product Marketing

Ryan is an expert on the intersection of customer data and digital strategies. Prior to ActionIQ, he led big data and marketing initiatives at American Express and Abercrombie & Fitch.


Tamara Gruzbarg

Head of Strategic Solutions

Tamara is an expert analytics executive. Prior to ActionIQ, Tamara led analytics teams and initiatives at Meredith Publishing (formerly Time, Inc.), Stuart Weiztman (acquired by Coach), Gilt Group, and Experian.


Brian Ivanovick

Vice President, Solutions Consulting

Brian is an expert at helping companies generate incremental revenue using marketing technology. Prior to ActionIQ, Brian had similar roles at Omniture, Adobe, Bluekai and Oracle.


James Meyers

Director,  Product Strategy

James is a marketing technology expert with a focus on single customer view solutions, customer data platforms (CDPs), data management and customer analytics. Prior to ActionIQ, James held similar roles at Gartner, Lowe’s Home Improvement and Avis Budget Group.

Ready to meet the experts?