How Publishers Can Thrive With 1st-Party Data

Learn how The New York Times & News Corp are navigating industry disruption

Images of speakers from The New York Times and News Corp

With the impending death of the third-party cookie, large publishers have a stronger voice in the advertising industry than ever before. For years, they were seen as audience providers — and at a price that kept dropping.

Now, every player in the advertising ecosystem wants a piece of the first-party data publishers have earned from years of digital subscription growth.

Join leaders from The New York Times and News Corp for a frank discussion of how publishers can carve out their place in the shifting advertising landscape and transform first-party data into business success in the cookieless future.

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  • How the loss of third-party data has upended digital advertising
  • What publishers can do to profit from first-party data
  • Why the right technology is crucial to long-term success

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