How CDPs Power Intelligent Marketing Communications

Learn how to meet expectations for personalization

Images of speakers from OnStar Insurance, Goose Digital and ActionIQ

Insurance is a relationship-driven industry. Whether carriers are communicating with brokers or brokers are communicating with consumers, expectations for personalization are high. Insurance providers want to unlock the power of accurate, accessible and actionable data to meet expectations, but it’s difficult to identify and implement the right technologies.

Join experts from OnStar Insurance, Goose Digital and ActionIQ as they discuss how emerging technologies can help insurance providers activate CRM and BMS data to deliver personalized, highly impactful communications. 

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  • The importance of personalized and data-driven communications in the insurance sector
  • Which tools are essential to driving business efficiencies and optimizing your technology stack
  • Why successful implementations are strategy-led, technology-enabled and data-fueled

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