AIQ Expert Series: Data-Driven Strategies for Reopening

Hear from industry experts on how to navigate the uncertainty with a data-driven approach

Retail and eCommerce brands are facing some tough decisions when it comes to navigating the uncertainty related to COVID-19. Many brands are looking to their peers for how they can do more.

By implementing a data-driven approach brands can be more targeted with media buys, personalization, and creative messaging for their customers. Retailers are going to see success in their marketing efforts by leveraging data in the skillful planning and execution of campaigns, along with marketing, operations, and sales areas.

In our discussion with Google Executive, Carrie Tharp and Tamara Gruzbarg Head of Customer Insights at ActionIQ hear how:


  • Brands can show up in new ways for their customers
  • What data points and metrics should you consider when adjusting to the new search and shopping habits from your customers
  • The importance of revisiting your audience strategy and ensuring you are addressing their new needs.


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