Cookies, DMPs and CDPs: Solving for the Top of Funnel

Learn how to execute on top-of-funnel marketing in a cookieless world

Images of speakers from Neustar and ActionIQ

The top of the sales funnel has long been the domain of unknown audiences. Marketers would use data management platforms (DMP) to create and target new segments with a combination of first- and third-party data, serving up advertisements and guiding prospects deeper into the funnel. But with third-party cookies on their way out, marketers must learn how to transition away from a 20-year dependency on anonymous third-party data.

Join experts from ActionIQ and Neustar as they discuss how brands can overcome the challenges of third-party cookie deprecation and optimize their top-of-funnel marketing.

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  • The importance of the top of the funnel in the sales cycle 
  • How to address third-party cookie deprecation 
  • What solutions will support your immediate and long-term needs

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