How Atlassian’s CDP Strategy Drives Customer Acquisition and Retention

A webinar with Atlassian & Databricks

How Atlassian’s CDP Strategy Drives Customer Acquisition and Retention


Eighty-nine percent of brands now say they’ve deployed a CDP or plan to. And yet, 42% of organizations that have deployed a CDP say it’s delivering little or no value, according to the CDP Institute’s 2022 member survey. Here’s where a CDP strategy can make all the difference.

In this webinar, hear from Databricks and ActionIQ on why some CDPs have failed to deliver business value for organizations looking to drive impact across the customer lifecycle – from acquisition to retention and loyalty.

You’ll also hear how Atlassian is achieving efficient customer acquisition & growth by aligning teams to a toolset designed to drive business outcomes while providing deep flexibility for infrastructure and data teams.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The importance and impact of personalization at scale
  • The power of a data warehouse + CDP to enable self-service access to insights
  • Key strategies and use cases from Atlassian to maximize CDP value across the organization

The Speakers

Sravan Gupta
Senior Manager, Go-to-Market Systems, Atlassian
Steve Sobel
Global Industry Leader, Media and Entertainment, Databricks
Michael Trapani
Head of Product Marketing, ActionIQ

Watch the Webinar