How Bloomberg Media Takes an Audience-First Approach to Acquisition

How Bloomberg Media Enhanced Targeting With First-Party Data


Customer acquisition remains a critical marketing priority going into 2023, but how it is done is being transformed. With costs rising quickly and the deprecation of third-party identifiers approaching, it’s crucial for brands to find ways to harness the insights they already have to unlock the next phase of growth. That’s the essence of an audience-first approach.

Hear from Bloomberg Media’s marketing technology strategy lead Grant Germano, and ActionIQ customer success manager Tim Mattessich, about how Bloomberg is using first-party data to power its acquisition efforts. You’ll find out:

  • Strategies to harness data from existing customers to drive successful acquisition
  • Bloomberg’s method of meeting the customer where they are to execute personalized experiences across channels
  • How to grow and activate first-party customer data to drive audience-centric experiences

The Speakers

Grant Germano
Marketing Technology Strategy Lead at Bloomberg Media
Tim Mattessich
Manager, Customer Success at ActionIQ

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