Webinar: Are You Ready For a CDP?

How The Washington Post Scaled Adoption to Drive Early Results



One of the most common challenges among organizations implementing new technology is adoption and evangelism – structuring a defined post-purchase strategy to create runway for enterprise scale and business access to data. In fact, the CDP Institute’s latest member survey cited organizational readiness as the most common problem listed by members with a deployed CDP. 

Join Jason Langsner, The Washington Post’s Senior Product Manager for WaPo 360, a new audience development and analytics initiative, as he discusses how The Post selected and successfully evangelized the CDP to scale adoption, set teams up for long-term success and ramp up key use cases quickly. 

You’ll learn:

  • Practical, tactical and strategic considerations for leading an effective implementation and creating internal champions
  • Learnings from The Post’s implementation to optimize your own CDP deployment
  • Early use cases and proof points resulting from The Post’s successful adoption

The Speakers

Jason Langsner
The Washington Post’s Senior Product Manager for WaPo 360
Tamara Gruzbarg
Tamara Gruzbarg
Head of Insights and Strategy, ActionIQ

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