The CPG Advertiser’s Guide to CX in a Cookieless World

Take back control of your customer data

Image of The CPG Advertiser's Guide to CX in a Cookieless World

The death of the cookie represents massive disruption for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. CPG brands have relied on anonymous third-party cookies for a wide range of use cases — from targeting to product development. Organizations will now have to re-evaluate their strategies and develop new ways to access and activate customer data.

The first step is understanding how these changes will impact your prospecting and conversion use cases — and what you can do to prepare.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Which prospecting and conversion use cases will be viable in the post-cookie future
  • The role first-party data should play in future-proofing your business strategy
  • What tools and tactics will serve you best moving forward

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