Breaking Down the Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

Breaking Down the Snowflake Modern Marketing Data Stack Report


How do you keep winning and growing in the modern market? Mastering the data stack is the best place to start — and we’re here to show you how to stack the odds in your favor.

In this conversation, hear all about why ActionIQ is excited to build the modern marketing data stack with Snowflake, and how we’re scaling marketing activations securely — stacking the odds for customers with a flexible, scalable, composable approach by bringing activation right up to the data, closing the gap between your customer’s data and the interactions you design.

You’ll hear:

  • Where we see the data stack moving with market trends
  • The right approach in designing a modern data stack
  • Key elements of the modern marketing data stack

The Speakers

Michael Trapani
Head of Product Marketing at ActionIQ
Zach Van Doren
Sr. Director of Alliances at ActionIQ
Logan Patterson
Global Senior Director of Digital and Marketing Strategy at Slalom

Watch the video:

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