Future-Proof Your Customer Data Strategy with a Lakehouse-First Approach

Future-Proof Your Customer Data Strategy with a Lakehouse-First Approach - webinar with Skechers, Databricks and ActionIQ


Marketing and loyalty programs thrive on timely data insights, yet generating complete, customer-360 data views has never been more challenging. Companies must juggle numerous data sources, including transaction systems, websites, CRM, and inventory.

Hear how leading global retailer Skechers’ data team solved challenges using a flexible and scalable toolset plus a data lakehouse to unify, stitch, and maintain a massive amount of customer data. Skechers’ data team enables marketers to gain self-service insights so they can drive powerful business outcomes without relying on engineers and analysts.

You'll learn:

  • TDWI perspectives on trends for solving customer data integration challenges to enable timely and complete insights
  • Market trends driving brands like Skechers toward a composable stack strategy built on a data lake
  • How Skechers is scaling data-driven marketing and powering global expansion
  • Next steps for Skechers to shift to a composable model and the pros and cons

The Speakers

Justin DeBrabant
Senior Vice President of Product ActionIQ
Bryan Smith
Technical Director, Retail & CPG Databricks
Manish Agarwal
Vice President, Data, Analytics and Insights Skechers

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