Solution Brief

Real-Time Customer Experiences

Impactful real-time customer experiences require more than just speed - they must be tailored, relevant and helpful. And to achieve this, they must be built on all your customer data.



ActionIQ Real-Time CX powers every interaction at scale with speed and intelligence. The solution allows brands to collect and unify digital data, provide real-time access to customer data in milliseconds, and orchestrate real-time personalized customer experiences across every inbound and outbound channel based on the full customer profile, combining both streaming and historical data. By supporting a wide range of real-time personalization use cases such as user-triggered experience, web personalization, email personalization at open and call center support etc., ActionIQ Real-Time CX meets both marketing and IT teams’ demand of enhanced decision making, better customer experiences, increased revenue streams and business opportunities.

Download this solution brief to learn how ActionIQ CX Hub’s Real-Time CX Solution can help you fuel fast, intelligent and personalized customer experiences and achieve your real-time CX goals.


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