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The B2B Guide to Audience Segmentation

With business-to-business (B2B) buyers expecting business-to-consumer (B2C) experiences, hyper-segmentation has become essential to providing highly relevant and personalized experiences across the entire customer journey.

But getting granular with audience segmentation is difficult without the right tactics and tools. B2B brands must rethink how they leverage customer data and activate customer experiences.


How to Master Your Campaign Management Migration

Swapping outdated technologies for customer-centric solutions is essential to business success, especially as customer journeys become more complex.

But migrating from a legacy campaign management tool can feel overwhelming. Brands must work to make campaign management migration as painless as possible while maximizing the value of their customer journey management solution.


Webinar: How Top Brands Orchestrate Customer Journeys for Retention & Growth

To build the kind of engagement that dynamically adapts to customers’ experiences, contexts and needs, brands must have a solid foundation of data, tools and teams. Only then can they design customer journeys at scale around core audience segments and behaviors.

Join this session to learn how News Corp used its customer data platform (CDP) to orchestrate customer journeys that build customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value with insights from Senior Vice President & Global Head of Subscriptions Esfand Pourmand.


2022 CX IQ Index

ActionIQ surveyed hundreds of consumers and businesses to find out what matters most when it comes to customer experience — and how brands are measuring up.

Among other findings, we discovered that most businesses overestimate how well their CX strategies perform against consumers’ wants and needs. Find out how to bridge the gap between perception and performance.

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Special offers delivered in the right place at the right time help brands increase conversions and build customer loyalty. The trick is doing it at scale.

OfferCodes enables organizations to seamlessly import and assign codes across all marketing, sales and customer service channels to power personalized customer experiences in real time.

Solution Sheet

Customer Journey Management

The modern consumer engages with brands across multiple channels, devices and business teams. Brands must provide consistent, personalized experiences whenever and wherever customers want in order to meet expectations.

Customer Journey Management combines scalable customer insights, advanced customer segmentation and cross-channel experience orchestration to help brands replace obsolete campaign management tactics. Increase customer lifetime value and eliminate costly inefficiencies while providing customers with superior CX.


The Financial Services Advertiser’s Guide to CX in a Cookieless World

The death of the cookie represents massive change for the financial services industry — as well as major opportunity. Financial services brands have a chance to deliver exceptional customer experiences by ending dependence on flawed anonymous data in favor of authenticated first-party data.

Ready to reevaluate your customer data strategy? The first step is understanding how these changes will impact your prospecting and conversion use cases — and what you can do to prepare.


Condé Nast: Empowering Business Users

Condé Nast Associate Director of CRM & Engagement Liz Switzer explains how the company enables business users to access and take action on customer insights with AIQ.

How Michael Kors Uses ActionIQ to Thrive in a Cookieless World

Michael Kors: Increasing Marketing Agility & Efficiency

Michael Kors Vice President of Global Analytics Sharon Kratochvil explains how the company uses AIQ to power more flexible, effective marketing.

How Albertsons Uses ActionIQ to Provide Personalized, Real-Time Customer Experiences
Case Study

How Albertsons Uses ActionIQ to Provide Personalized, Real-Time Customer Experiences

Whether to drive more revenue, boost customer loyalty or simply stay competitive, modern brands must put customers at the center of their business strategies.

Albertsons Companies used ActionIQ to improve customer experiences for both online and offline shoppers by combining first-party and third-party data to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of its customers and orchestrate highly relevant omnichannel experiences in the right place at the right time.


Webinar: Customer Growth in the Post-Cookie Future: A Better First-Party Data Strategy

With anonymous third-party data on the outs and data management platforms (DMP) all but dead, marketers are understandably concerned.

How are growth leaders at today’s top brands preparing for the cookieless future? By investing in first-party data strategies and exploring new ways to deliver personalized customer experiences across channels.

Join this session to learn how Pandora Media used authenticated first-party data to replace cookie-based strategy and support customer acquisition and retention with insights from SiriusXM’s Senior Vice President of Growth Michael Amsel.

How First-Party Data is Reshaping Digital Advertising

Webinar: How First-Party Data is Reshaping Digital Advertising