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Building Intelligent Architecture for Scalable Personalization


Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

Customers increasingly expect brands to speak to them with one voice, to provide them with an omnichannel experience. That’s a tall order, but those who get it right can “build longer-term customers relationships and greater emotional investment with the brand,” says Annie McClorey, director of engagement at ActionIQ.


Modernizing Subscription Marketing

Modern subscription marketing faces a unique set of business challenges and opportunities.  In this short video, marketing leaders from PandoraWW (formerly Weight Watchers) and ActionIQ discuss the ways they:


CRM at the Core of Modern Marketing

You still need brand campaigns to attract new customers. But when it comes to existing customers, CRM initiatives can deliver far more precise, relevant experiences—if you are able to leverage the full spectrum of your customer data.    In this short video, marketing leaders from PandoraTheory, and ActionIQ discuss:

Deliver personalization at scale with infinitecompute
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Infinite Compute Real-Time Analytics

Integrated Journeys
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Orchestrated Experiences: Integrated Journeys


Our Founder’s Story: Nitay Joffe

Watch as ActionIQ Founder & CTO, Nitay Joffe, tells the ActionIQ story and how ActionIQ empowers marketers to work with complicated data sets in a ways they’ve never been able to before.