Case Study

How Michael Kors Uses ActionIQ to Thrive in a Cookieless World

First-party customer data paired with personalization at scale set the stage for scalable experiences



In the face of third-party cookie deprecation – and the loss of data used for identifying and targeting consumers online, businesses must determine a strategy to prepare for an uncertain future and enable marketers to continue the execution of critical acquisition strategies. 

Michael Kors used ActionIQ to future-proof their advertising stack,  consolidating and activating their first-party data. By ingesting customer data to create audiences, extract insights and orchestrate customer experiences, Michael Kors has been able to significantly reduce acquisition costs and improve attribution. 

Download the case study to learn how Michael Kors:

  • Delivered impactful customer experiences across top media channels, walled gardens, demand-side platforms and ad networks 
  • Integrated with identity partners to more effectively target consumers 
  • Increased unknown customer engagement while improving marketing efficiency

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