How JCPenney is Building a Better Customer Experience to Drive Loyalty



Just past its 120th birthday, JCPenney is actively working to create a more thoughtful customer experience that rewards its most loyal customers. At the crux of this strategy is creating a space for its over 50 million annual customers to genuinely connect with the brand, rather than just driving transactions. 

Watch JCPenney’s VP, Customer Engagement & Insights Roger Worak and ActionIQ’s Manager, Customer Success Tim Mattessich discuss how JCPenney is remaining relevant by driving a strong sense of brand engagement.

You’ll learn:

  • How JCPenney is prioritizing reduction in churn and driving stronger engagement long-term
  • How their team is reactivating and reengaging with past purchasers to drive intelligent cross-sell strategies across departments
  • What strategies JCP in implementing to stay focused on customer loyalty

The Speakers

Roger Worak
VP, Customer Engagement & Insights at JCPenney
Tim Mattessich
Manager, Customer Success at ActionIQ

Watch the Webinar