Customer Data Platforms Capabilities:
Should You Buy or Build?

Merge all your enterprise data together for a single 360, view of your customer

A customer data platform (CDP) has become an essential solution for organizations to manage data and enhance their customer-centric strategy.

The need for brands to connect customer data and activate experiences from a single centralized location has unleashed a spectrum of "vendor" and "in-house solutions."

Creating a unified and customer 360 (a single, complete source of truth when it comes to your customer) continues to be a leading challenge for companies.

For many companies, the decision to build or buy a CDP is the starting point of their customer-centric transformation.

Download our guide to get a detailed overview of the pros and cons when it comes to implementing a CDP into your organization.

Our comparison chart will help and your team understand your current campaign performance gaps, how leading brands are differentiating themselves with 1:1 personalization, and determine the benefits and capabilities of a CDP whether you buy or build.

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