Modern CX Stack Smarthub

The Modern Customer Experience Stack

The complete guide on understanding a smart-hub approach to customer experience management

Modern CX Stack Smarthub


As executives put the customer at the center of the organizational vision, the smart hub enables the execution of that vision with a change-resilient approach, wrapping people, processes, and technology around the modern CX stack to deliver winning experiences at speed and scale.

A modern customer experience stack, powered by a smart hub, is quickly proving to be the preferred approach of CX leaders across industries. For instance, ELF Cosmetics in CPG, American Eagle in Retail, and The New York Times in media are all outperforming their category due to their customer-first operating model, enabled by a smart hub

Download our Modern Customer Experience Stack to see why smart hub CDPs are emerging as the preferred approach to power enterprise CX-stacks optimally, and delivering exceptional, 1:1 personalized experiences at scale and speed

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • How a smart hub brings the true essence of customer experience management to life
  • Explore the capabilities of best-in-class CDPs specifically designed to act as the smart hub for high-performing enterprises
  • How a Smart hub CDP fits into your martech stack, and how they are a critical part of your operating model



"A CX stack powered by a smart hub delivers the best possible understanding of the constantly evolving customer, at any moment, across any touchpoint or channel, effectively addressing the ‘organizational challenge’."