Solution Brief

CX Hub Solution Brief



Every enterprise is on a path to customer-centricity and personalized experiences, yet they all face the same set of challenges – balancing organizational agility, efficiency and control.  

Business teams crave direct access to explore and action on customer data, while technical teams need to automate manual processes and retain control over costs, data governance and tech investments. These competing priorities lead to internal chaos and poor CX.

The ActionIQ CX Hub sits at the core of your stack and is the axis around which all CX operations revolve — with every data source, system and channel flowing in and out of it. It adapts to your needs and removes internal tradeoffs by giving business teams a self-service hub to unify customer acquisition, growth and retention use cases while providing technology teams with fully modular and integrated capabilities that enable automation and control. 

Download this guide to learn how the AIQ CX Hub helps you create a customer 360, segment audiences, orchestrate journeys and provide real-time experiences using powerful and fully customizable modular solutions.

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