$5B+ Retailer Delivers Double-Digit Growth Through Modern Audience Orchestration

Harnessing the power of customer data to orchestrate superior customer experiences pays big dividends

Across the industry, retailers are under pressure from rising customer acquisition costs and flat or declining customer lifetime value.

A global, multi-banner retailer—with more than $5B in annual revenue, 500+ stores, web and mobile properties—sought to head off the effects of these challenging market forces, ensuring the continued growth of its business.

To achieve its goals, the retailer needed to modernize its campaign tools, implementing new marketing technology that would support the agile, data-centric processes it would require to deploy successful personalization initiatives.

Leveraging a new CDP, the retailer deployed a centralized hub allowing business users to orchestrate personalized brand experiences delivered in real time across multiple channels.

In this case study, you’ll learn how the company:

  • Designed its approach to transition from legacy systems to modern marketing technology
  • Empowered business users with self-service access to customer data, analytics, and cross-channel orchestration capabilities
  • Leveraged its new CDP to increase speed-to-market, streamline IT costs, and utilize 1000x more data for personalization

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