Case Study

Pandora Media Case Study

Access and leverage the billions of signals within the data to better understand and interact with every user

Pandora Media Case Study


“Do More with Less.” These are four words dreaded by anyone ever charged with leading a growth initiative, but in this time of uncertainty, it’s more critical than ever. Building a better customer experience strategy, and doing more with less, is possible. By taking a CX strategy approach that prioritizes data, you can effectively reduce organizational cost and complexity, and deliver value to the organization.

In today’s martech discussions, there’s a lot of talk about CDPs and their ability to leverage first-party data to improve the customer experience and increase lifetime value. What very few people realize is that a complete, full-stack CDP (such as ActionIQ’s) can actually be a budget-neutral investment—or even yield net savings—while delivering on the promise of better customer experiences.

Download our case study and see how Pandora Media powered subscriber growth and retention through a scalable CDP and also be able to:

  • Reduce immediate spend and cut acquisition costs by reducing paid media spend.
  • Rationalize their tech stack, creating new operational efficiencies and seamless personalized experiences using their CDP to centralize audience management and enable business user self-service.
  • Streamline marketing operations,  increasing performance, reducing spend and creating a continuous user experience by utilizing their CDP in place of the DMP. Learn more about the differences between CDP vs. DMP here.

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