Change Management Best Practices

A practice dedicated to go beyond technology to provide brands with guidance on the people and processes necessary to support a successful customer-centric strategy. If you are looking to improve your overall marketing strategy, expand your customer database, and improve your customer engagement, then our CDP best practices guide is here to help.

According to McKinsey, nearly 50% of all digital transformation initiatives fail to reach their expected value, and only 10% exceed expectations.

At ActionIQ, we work hard with our clients to make sure that is not the case. Based on our years of work partnering with the world's most sophisticated brands, we've built a consulting practice-called Value Mapping- that goes beyond technology to provide brands with guidance on the people and processes necessary to support successful CDP implementations. Give your marketing team the tools they need to better understand customer behavior and customer analytics. By implementing a CDP platform, your team will be able to gain actionable insight that can be used to improve your overall business strategy. In this white paper, we'll share with you the field-proven framework for CDP change management used by our Value Mapping team.

To survive in the long-term, you must adapt to new requirements and ways of working. We hope the plans, frameworks, and learnings discussed here will inspire you to take the leap to improve your business strategy, knowing you have the tools needed to succeed.

Download our CDP Best Practices white paper to:

  • Align your organization around your CDP goals and outcomes
  • Define critical tasks and skills required to onboard and scale a CDP platform
  • Identify and mitigate the most significant CDP-related organizational risks

Ready to provide your marketing team with actionable insight on your customers? Find out how to improve your customer database by using our CDP best practices guide today.

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