Case Study

How The Washington Post Turns New Readers Into Brand Loyalists

Washington Post case study x ActionIQ


Readers hold millions of bits and bytes of news in just five inches on a digital screen, with worlds of information under their thumbs. To meet the modern news consumer with the stories they want to read, The Washington Post designed a lifecycle initiative to meet each modern reader on their turf, terms and timeline.

In the story, discover how The Washington Post:

  • Found their next best readers and acquired 131% more customers by enhancing first-party data for anonymous users.
  • Kept readers engaged from new subscriber to brand loyalist to increase repeat visitors by up to 12% in the first 30 days with tailored lead nurture journeys that deepened customer relationships.
  • Brought readers back into the fold and increased resubscribe rate by 38% with personalized communication based on each shoppers’ preferences and lifecycle.

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