How Atlassian Drives Impactful Cross-Product CX to Expand With Existing Customers



In today’s market, getting a user’s attention is only half the battle. A brand’s ability to keep the user’s attention long enough to convert is what drives long-term scale and comes down to consistently delivering better CX across the entire customer journey. For B2B brands in particular, expanding footprint within individual customers is a critical growth lever but requires a deep understanding of customer needs. 

Watch Atlassian’s Marketing Operations Technology Manager Caleb Trecek and ActionIQ’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Ariane Sedghi as they discuss how Atlassian is leveraging AIQ’s CX Hub to create connected experiences with existing customers that encompass multiple products to scale growth. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Strategies to achieve granular, self-serve audience segmentation to drive precision messaging
  • The value of centralized omnichannel journey orchestration in driving cross-sell/upsell and amplifying growth
  • How to drive cross-departmental collaboration to unlock value across a vast complex organization  

The Speakers

Ariane Sedghi
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Caleb Trecek
Marketing Operations Technology Manager

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