Solution Sheet

ActionIQ x Snowflake Solution Sheet

Learn how ActionIQ & Snowflake work together to build modern composable customer data stacks and maximize tech investments.

ActionIQ x Snowflake Solution Sheet


To meet the rising expectations and deliver more personalized customer experiences, composable technologies set the new standard for enterprise companies. With the flexibility they offer, IT teams can optimize their existing tech investments and build customer data stacks with best-of-breed tools to power control and performance.

By integrating ActionIQ CX Hub directly on top of Snowflake Data Cloud via native reverse ETL, you get an industry-leading solution that enables your IT teams to unbundle your customer data stack and improve governance, while giving business teams freedom to operationalize customer data to derive value.

Download this Solution Sheet to learn how ActionIQ & Snowflake help you:

  • Gain choice and full control over where customer data lives and queried
  • Control costs and maximize the value of existing technology investments
  • Drive impactful CX by allowing business teams to action on customer data

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