ActionIQ + Neustar Solution Brief

Learn how ActionIQ & Neustar work together to deliver a comprehensive 1st-party data marketing solution


Exceptional customer experiences are built on the entire customer journey — from your very first interaction with consumers onwards. And in today’s experience economy, they’re the ultimate brand differentiator.

To meet customer expectations and deliver truly personalized CX, you need a scalable solution that allows you to obtain complete and accurate customer profiles and take action on insights across all your paid and owned media channels. By combining ActionIQ and Neustar, you get an industry-leading solution that enables you to collect, analyze and activate customer data with confidence from all first-, second- and third-party data sources.

Download this solution brief to learn how ActionIQ & Neustar help you:

  • Solve your customer data management & identity resolution challenges
  • Leverage valuable customer data across different business use cases
  • Increase revenue, improve efficiency and deliver better customer experiences

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