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Transform Your Retail Marketing With ActionIQ CDP

Immerse your customer in seamless personalized experiences that drive loyalty and deliver outsized business results.


Vera Bradley Improves the Customer Experience With Help from Their CDP

Vera Bradley is delivering results by personalizing customers’ shopping experience and democratizing data access throughout the company. Listen as the brand’s chief customer officer covers visionary strategy to cutting-edge tactics in this must-listen podcast.

The speed at which we can engage custom audiences with our CDP has enabled us to drive a very tangible improvement in the...middle and lower parts of the funnel.

- Daren Hull, Chief Customer Officer


Increase in marketing ROI


Increase in repeat purchase rate


Increase in high LTV customer retention

Real Results for Retail Marketers

ActionIQ delivers an uptick in your critical KPIs within 90 days, followed by an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement—cementing customer relationships and delivering a lasting competitive edge.

Top Retailers Partner with ActionIQ

ActionIQ allows us to harness the power of data to deliver relevant omnichannel experiences, products, and services for our customers.

- SVP Digital and Ecommerce, Luxury Retailer

Gain New Insights from Retail Industry Thought Leaders

CRM at the Core of Modern Marketing

Learn how leading brands Theory and Pandora, leverage CRM initiatives to deliver precisely personalized, relevant customer experiences.

Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

Unpack the core elements of delivering truly seamless omnichannel experiences that keep customers loyal and set your brand apart from the competition.

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