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How to Succeed in Retail by Forming Customer Connections Through Data

Customers Expect Convenience, Personal Connection & Unique Customer Experiences

Consumers have made it clear they want a combination of convenience and personal connection in their shopping experiences. But how can retail brands reconcile these two customer needs? Retail data analytics!

Download this ebook and learn How to Succeed in Retail by Forming Customer Connections Through Data. Inside you’ll learn how to keep pace with the requirements of modern retail, including:

  1. What customers are really looking for from their shopping experiences
  2. Three key steps retailers can take to remain relevant:
    • Think in connected journeys
    • Build innovation into your company DNA
    • Invest in data and analytics capabilities
  3. Concrete benefits and impact you can measure


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Leading Retailers Choose ActionIQ


Prebuilt connectors enable streaming and batch integrations from data warehouses, data lakes and all standard marketing tech.


Proprietary AI framework to cleanse, match and sync identities to achieve a single 360° view of each and every customer.



Drag and drop UI to deliver deeply contextual experiences in-sync with each customer’s lifecycle journey with your brand.

For the first time, all my customer data is in a single location and easily accessible for all my analytics and campaigning needs.

- VP Analytics, Global Retailer

Retail Thought Leaders Turn Vision into Reality with ActionIQ

Retail 2020: Forging Customer Connections through Data


Retail 2020: Forging Customer Connections through Data

2019 has been a year of tremendous challenges as well as opportunities for the retail industry. On one hand, there are still questions about the future of physical stores. Barneys and Lord & Taylor—both venerable New York institutions—closed some of their highest profile locations, including flagship stores. On the other hand, we are in the…

Vera Bradley CDP Case Study

Vera Bradley CDP Case Study

Vera Bradley Returns to Growth With a Transformational Vision Rich customer data and personalization at scale set the stage for a more profitable future Internationally recognized lifestyle brand, Vera Bradley, is in the midst of a three-year transformation designed to set the stage for new growth and a more profitable future. A core element of…

Global Retailer CDP Case Study

Global Retailer CDP Case Study

$5B+ Retailer Delivers Double-Digit Growth Through Modern Audience Orchestration Harnessing the power of customer data to orchestrate superior customer experiences pays big dividends Across the industry, retailers are under pressure from rising customer acquisition costs and flat or declining customer lifetime value. A global, multi-banner retailer—with more than $5B in annual revenue, 500+ stores, web…

Ready to Succeed in Retail by Forming Customer Connections Through Data? Download the eBook now!

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