Why did you start ActionIQ?

ActionIQ was founded by experienced technology pros who came from Facebook, Aster Data and Teradata where they built big data infrastructures for Fortune 500 marketing organizations. Based on these experiences and their frustration in the way that marketers had to rely on analysts and engineers for insights, they formed ActionIQ. The ActionIQ platform puts the benefits of big data into the hands of marketing professionals, allowing them to easily access and analyze information on their own at a fraction of the time and cost. 

What are the time/cost savings benefits of using ActionIQ?

ActionIQ fully integrates with a customer’s existing data systems and is simple to use, saving additional time and money while quickly delivering marketing insights. 

Who are your customers? 

ActionIQ’s customers include Blue Apron, Gilt Group and a number of other brand name retailers and subscription services. 

Which marketing channels does ActionIQ support?

All of them. Since ActionIQ is an open cloud-based platform, it easily integrates with all of your marketing channels, platforms and tools bringing all of your relevant data together on a single platform.

What does ActionIQ offer that other marketing platforms don’t?

Action IQ offers the fastest way for marketers to access and use big data without having to rely on IT or data scientists. ActionIQ achieves this by removing ETL (extract, transform, load), pulling data from all of your marketing channels, and putting it in the cloud, making it the quickest and easiest way to aggregate and centralize all of your data. This gives marketers the ability to quickly access data, gain insight and take action.

How is ActionIQ different from execution or email tools?

ActionIQ is different in the following ways:

  • The platform is able to scale to event-level data such as web clickstream, mobile events and orders/transactions to get to the heart of user behavior insights.
  • ActionIQ works seamlessly with other tools and across popular marketing clouds, ensuring marketers are not faced with vendor lock in.
  • ActionIQ supports an omni-channel strategy by enabling marketers to fluidly push data to tools and execute campaigns across various marketing channels.
  • It also allows users to splice and construct audiences, create test and control groups, and monitor the ongoing effectiveness of a campaign with statistical significance tests.
How does ActionIQ compare to campaign management systems (CMS)?

ActionIQ is built on a data platform. Most CMS offerings aren’t data platforms and therefore depend on distinct data backends to prepare and deliver information in a manageable, aggregate form. For example, it’s not easy to upload detailed orders or clickstreams in a CMS. To do this, you must provide aggregate views at the customer level based on predefined choices.

Since ActionIQ is both a data platform and a business friendly interface to the data, this eliminates the cumbersome challenge of ensuring your CMS works seamlessly with your data backend, therefore simplifying campaign execution. This speaks to ActionIQ’s mission of enabling self-service by marketers.

How is ActionIQ different from BI tools?

Overall, BI tools are built for analysts, not business users. BI tools are often too complex and require a deep understanding of the data and SQL, therefore not allowing marketing to be self-sufficient. Going beyond reporting tools that simply produce visual representations of what happened, ActionIQ can splice and construct an audience, split audiences into test and control groups, reassemble audiences into treatment groups, monitor the ongoing effectiveness of campaigns with statistical significance test. Essentially, ActionIQ is complementary to a company’s existing investments in BI tools.

How do you protect and secure customer data? 

ActionIQ has put the following measures in place to protect customer data.

  • We don’t own our customers’ data. They always have full control and ownership of their data. 
  • We never share customer data with anyone, including third parties.
  • Each customer’s data is siloed from other customers’ data. 
  • While we do store some personally identifiable information (PII) such as email, name, address we do not store data such as credit card and social security numbers.

With regard to our infrastructure, the ActionIQ platform features:

  • Use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the most secure public cloud infrastructures. 
  • Dedicated AWS instances, which means no other AWS users will ever share our machines.
  • However, we do not use any AWS database technology.
  • We also offer highly secure and battle tested S3, which stores data in an encrypted form. 
  • We do encryption at rest and encryption in flight. This means data is encrypted throughout the journey from the customer’s data center to the ESP or other marketing tool.
  • Customers are able to own the encryption keys and the bucket used to store the data. This gives the customer full ownership and the ability to revoke access of the data at any point in time.
How quickly can you load data and execute audiences?
  • It is purely dependent on business requirements and we can be flexible.
  • We do not do sub-second latency, but for certain clients, such as Blue Apron, we provided a 10-minute latency for certain data sources based on the customer’s requirements.
  • We can provide low latency, because we do not do ETL or summarize the data as it enters ActionIQ. Together with our  memory-first query engine, this means queries take seconds, not hours.
Will ActionIQ ingest all of our data?

No. Our platform doesn’t require all of our customers’ data, therefore providing additional cost savings. There are three factors that reduce the amount of data we need versus what is generated or lives in the data warehouse. These factors are:

  • We don’t need all the fields. For example, for clickstream we don’t need URL string data, we just need between 5-10 short fields such as time, product, ID, etc. This significantly reduces the data ingested.
  • We don’t need all data sources. The sources that aren’t useful for targeting are not included in ActionIQ.
  • We can limit the amount of history that we keep in ActionIQ based on the customer’s needs. Specifically, retention is fully configurable and usually ranges from weeks up to 18 months. 
Won’t it still be too expensive?

No. ActionIQ is able to further lower your costs in the following ways:

  • We don’t use memory for all data. Besides, it’s inexpensive for us to store a lot of data in S3 and we intelligently use memory only for the part of the data that’s being used.
  • We do aggressive compression of the data, which saves additional space and lowers costs.
How long does it take for a new user to get up and running? 

A traditional ActionIQ implementation will take 4-6 weeks to get up and running whereas a traditional implementation of other products can take up to one year.

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