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Customer Journey Management

Personalize omnichannel customer journeys for the modern consumer.


The Challenge

The status quo approach to campaign management doesn't work in today’s experience economy. The modern customer journey spans across channels and business teams. Your customers expect you to meet them where they are whenever and however they interact with your brand.

The Solution


Scalable Customer Intelligence

Centralize all available customer data across your entire organization in a single platform to uncover valuable insights.


Seamless Customer Segmentation

Empower business teams to build complex audiences with a no-code user interface to optimize customer engagement.


Omnichannel Experience Orchestration

Coordinate, launch, test and monitor unlimited customer journeys from one orchestration tool to deliver superior customer experiences.

The Benefits


Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Growth

Optimize new customer acquisition, onboarding, retention and more via customized journeys.


Operational Efficiency

Automate time-consuming processes and reduce execution complexity to increase business agility and reduce time to market.


Exceptional CX

Ensure superior customer experiences by continuously testing, measuring and optimizing journeys across all customer touchpoints.

“With ActionIQ we were able to marry the usability of a campaign management solution with infrastructure-grade architecture and scalability.”


Nick Rockwell
Former Chief Technology Officer,
The New York Times

Customer Journey Management Use Cases

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Unifiy Company & Buyer Activity
Improve Customer Acquisition

Identify and convert high-value prospects using lookalike modeling.

Plan Up-Sell
Grow Trial Conversion Rates

Test different types of engagements, channels and more to increase trial conversions.

User Retention
Boost Brand Affinity

Engage new customers with welcome journeys tailored to behaviors and preferences.

Bimodal Behaviors
Expand Customer Engagement

Transform single-channel shoppers into multi-channel customers to increase CLTV.

Bimodal Behaviors
Increase Upsells & Cross-Sells

Learn and leverage tactics that drive repeat purchases and larger order values.

Bimodal Behaviors
Reduce Customer Churn

Improve retention with machine learning-powered insights about churn propensity and more.

Bimodal Behaviors
Enhance Winback Strategy

Automatically reengage churned customers using past behavior and purchase history insights.

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Trade Outdated Campaigns for Impactful Journeys

Modern consumers want to interact with brands when, where and how they want — and they expect you to keep up. Replace obsolete campaign management with personalized, always-on customer journeys that span across channels and drive the business outcomes that matter most.


Discover what makes ActionIQ Customer Journey Management the most comprehensive solution to execute your customer experiences.


Secure Data Integration and Governance

Protect sensitive customer information while flexibly integrating with your current and future customer data infrastructure.


Predictive Analytics

Leverage machine learning for recommendations on next best actions, CLTV, churn propensity, channel affinity and more.


Unified Customer Identities

Flexibly match and resolve customer identities across multiple data sources to create a trusted customer profile.


Real-Time Experience Orchestration

Quickly design and orchestrate personalized customer journeys across all channels for the entire customer lifecycle.


Self-Service Audience Segmentation & Modeling

Empower business users to build and analyze complex audiences in real time via a permission-based, no-code user interface.


Comprehensive Reporting

Track, measure and report on campaign and operational metrics to optimize conversions and process efficiencies.


Your Journey Management Solution for the Modern Customer

ActionIQ enables you to create an unlimited number of highly sophisticated, multi-step customer journeys to suit all your marketing, sales and customer service needs. Built on our proprietary InfiniteCompute technology — which provides you with dynamic scalability and unlimited computation power — our platform helps you deliver superior customer experiences while reducing technology costs and eliminating operational inefficiencies.


2022 CDP Market Guide

Most companies have either already implemented a customer data platform or plan to, but that doesn’t mean choosing the right technology is easy. New vendors are flooding the CDP market to capitalize on demand. Enterprise brands must navigate a crowded and confusing landscape to understand their options and find the solution that best suits their business needs.

Let us help you cut through the noise.

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