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Collaborative & Innovative CX Champions

Our Engineering team thrives in a collaborative, creative, and data driven environment as we tackle complex and exciting data challenges that improve Customer Experience (CX) for our customers. We’re motivated by innovation and solve problems best when we work together and keep CX at the core of all that we do.

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Our Product & Platform teams encompass all activities that directly allow our Software Engineers to successfully bring features to market and keep the customer experience at the core of all that we do. On any given day we are responsible for a multitude of resources including: 1,000s of machines, petabytes of data, and tens of thousands of jobs. Our teams are building and maintaining a product and platform which bridges the gap between our customers and their data.



The team works to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of our information systems, identity and data assets by providing proactive security expertise. In addition, we support, build, and maintain a resilient and secure infrastructure; deliver quality, prompt, cost effective and reliable technology services, while fostering a culture of security awareness and best practices throughout the organization.


Data Science

The team executes on our unique vision for machine learning. We call it “white-box modeling,” and it’s focused on creating systems that seamlessly weave together models and human operators. We work closely with customers to conduct predictive modeling explorations and build groundbreaking new product features. We’re also known to keep everyone on their toes by asking tough questions and ensuring we can back up all decisions with numbers.

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