Embracing the Third Modern Revolution: How AI and GenAI Will Change the Customer Experience and How ActionIQ Is Supporting It

Embracing the Third Modern Revolution: How AI and GenAI Will Change the Customer Experience and How ActionIQ Is Supporting It

Back in the early aughts, the world changed forever when digital life exploded online with Web 2.0. The internet became interactive and dynamic – with community and connectivity emerging online with social media, user-generated content and conversation. This opened doors for marketers to engage in a new way with customers through social media and other digital channels.

In the 2010s, we saw the next massive change in digital interaction with the data revolution, driven by the growth of data collection to become the most powerful strategy for businesses. This meant more personalized experiences for customers from data analysis – businesses were going from broad communications to data-driven moments. Now, we’re entering the third modern revolution – with artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI.

Breaking Down the Third Modern Revolution and What This Means for the Customer Experience

In the Third Modern Revolution, we’ll see the third major change in the way that brands interact with customers through AI and (more recently) the democratized emergence of Generative AI.

AI is the umbrella term that encompasses predictive analytics, machine learning, and GenAI. A core component of GenAI, Large Language Models (LLMs) are models that are trained on high amounts of data to accomplish tasks such as generating new content – from text to images and video.

With GenAI, the customer experience will change forever. We’ll see deeper meaning and context interpreted even more quickly with insights and content designed for each individual customer.

But to really make the most of GenAI efforts, brands will first need to invest in building an enterprise AI stack trained on the actions it needs to accomplish, enhanced with business-specific knowledge and context. This way, brands can turn the shiny new GenAI object into a game-changing asset for their business, from practicality and efficiency for marketers to models designed to deliver better enhanced decisioning and CX.

How ActionIQ is Supporting Enterprise Businesses With Artificial Intelligence

ActionIQ is building on its commitment to innovation and entering the third modern revolution with customers by enhancing and expanding our current AI-enabled solutions with CXAI – a complete set of AI-enabled solutions purpose-built for customer experience (CX), data and machine learning (ML) teams.

Whether it’s optimizing marketing campaigns or improving operational efficiency, today’s announcement extends ActionIQ’s commitment to innovation that brings real results to enterprise businesses with openness, transparency and flexibility. Here’s a look at what we’re bringing to enterprise businesses.

CXAI Data will include GenAI Audiences and AI Decisioning and Analytics. 

CXAI Data: GenAI Audiences

An audience co-pilot for marketers, bringing a natural language interface to GenAI for marketers to build audiences, analyze performance, and uncover insights. Marketers will have the power to design the audiences and experiences they want, in their own language – without requiring SQL or data expertise. Rather than dragging, dropping, and searching, marketers can bring natural language requests to their audience creation and orchestration tasks to query data and engage with insights more easily than ever before.

CXAI Data: AI Decisioning and Analytics

A new decisioning engine for personalizing customer experiences. AI Decisioning makes recommendations and optimizes for the best audience, products, offers, lookalikes, channel preference, and more. Tailored for flexibility, AI Decisioning can use work out-of-the-box models, custom models, or use in-house models. Now, marketers can consistently deliver the next best action and keep customers coming back.

CXAI Content

A marketer-first GenAI content builder that can create bespoke, on-brand content that automatically maps to specific audiences. Connected to an exciting new partnership with Typeface – the leading genAI-powered content hub for the enterprise – CXAI Content lets marketers and designers generate endless creative achieving true 1:1 personalization at scale. ActionIQ’s novel abstraction layer unique to its Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides critical context from the customer experience – such as ‘loyal customer whose made a recent purchase,’ or ‘frustrated returning customer on the verge of attrition’, but with a lot more detail and context – and feeds that into the Large Language Model (LLM) that generates content for that audience.

Explore What’s Possible in the Third Modern Revolution With ActionIQ

ActionIQ is excited to explore the possibilities that GenAI will bring to our customers and grow into the modern revolution. To learn more about how we work with customers on artificial intelligence and to discover the new innovations we have to offer, reach out to our team here or discover more on our CXAI Solution Sheet.

Justin DeBrabant
Justin DeBrabant
Senior Vice President, Product
Justin spent his formative years building large distributed systems to support data science and analytics. Justin holds a Ph.D. from Brown University where he researched scaling high-throughput in-memory database systems to support larger-than-memory datasets.
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