💥 Announcing ActionIQ’s Integration with The Trade Desk

Announcing ActionIQ’s Integration with The Trade Desk

What is The Trade Desk?

The Trade Desk is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that streamlines the process for marketers to automate the purchase of digital advertising space across various channels including display, social, mobile, and video.

Typically, marketers upload their creative ad content, define their target audience, and set a budget. The Trade Desk then searches its network of sites and apps to identify suitable ad spaces that match the marketer’s criteria and places bids for those spots, ensuring optimal ad placement and performance.

Key Use Case: The Trade Desk Integration

Digital Ad Targeting: ActionIQ’s integration with The Trade Desk enhances targeted advertising by utilizing detailed audience segments from ActionIQ to deliver personalized ads across multiple channels. Accommodating both known and pseudonymous users, this streamlined and versatile approach boosts engagement and conversions by enabling precise targeting.

How it Works

ActionIQ supports two integration methods with The Trade Desk:

  • Known Users: Target specific customers by exporting hashed email addresses or mobile phone numbers through The Trade Desk’s CRM API.
  • Pseudonymous Users: Focuses on broader audience reach by exporting anonymous identifiers like Trade Desk IDs or UID2.0s through The Trade Desk’s First Party API.
The Trade Desk Integration

Integration Pattern: Paid Media
Data Transfer: API

Integrate ActionIQ With Your Customer Experience Stack

This latest integration adds yet another powerful option to the extensive catalog of integrations available to ActionIQ customers. With a commitment to meeting evolving needs and maximizing technology investments, ActionIQ continues to solidify its position as a leading platform for customer data activation and engagement. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, and reach out directly to our team if you are ready to see how ActionIQ can help you generate more revenue from your customer data.

Guillaume Marois
Guillaume Marois
Integration Specialist at ActionIQ
Guillaume is an Integrations Specialist who focuses on scalability and reliability in building new integrations. He builds on his experience as a Customer Enablement Engineer to understand customers' needs and to drive value by enabling additional use cases.
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