Key Insights From Teradata Possible 2023

Teradata Possible 2023

We had an exciting week in Orlando at Teradata Possible 2023 — bringing together the latest and greatest insights across the AI, data, and cloud technology community. From learning about the future of generative AI from Editor-at-Large of New York Magazine, Kara Swisher and Teradata CEO Steve McMillan to sharing partnership news of our own with Teradata — the event explored the possibilities across the Teradata ecosystem.

Realizing the True Power of Data and Generative AI

Data holds exciting opportunities across customer experience, but it’s also something that requires a measured approach. In the keynote, Kara Swisher discussed the importance and value of data — data not only presents an exciting opportunity for growth but also something we should be wary of as it holds a great deal of power.

We also heard from Steve McMillan, CEO of Teradata and Hillary Ashton, CPO about how Teradata VantageCloud is embedding predictive analytics into their offering, to make more informed decisions and find critical insights to drive enhanced outcomes for customers. One key element of getting the best insights from your data? Keeping data where it lives in VantageCloud and respecting “data gravity.” By harmonizing and centralizing data, you can ensure data alignment and get those critical, predictive insights.

Teradata’s Vision for AI

Teradata’s heritage is grounded in innovation and AI — at Teradata Possible, we heard about new integrations that continue to explore the possibilities with AI, like with Microsoft and more.

Teradata is anchoring it’s work in AI around a few key pillars and goals:

  • Make existing teams more effective. Teradata wants to unlock how AI can support sales, engineering, marketing teams and more to be more productive and eliminate some of the more tedious parts of a job to focus on higher value projects.
  • Embed GenAI into products. Teradata will continue to work with partners across the ecosystem to explore how generative AI can benefit customers and drive results.
  • Security and privacy. Data security is paramount in designing generative AI. Ensuring that data security is maintained is top of mind for any generative AI work or investment.
  • Leveraging the cloud more effectively with AI. Teradata is exploring the future in how to drive the ecosystem forward. With a loyal customer base that is continuing to grow with Teradata, they are excited to understand how to drive cost efficiencies and more.

ActionIQ Partners With Teradata As The Primary Marketing and CX Partner

We were excited to head into Teradata Possible with some big news of our own. At the conference, Teradata announced ActionIQ as their preferred partner for marketing and customer data activation — enabling enterprise customers to optimize their existing Teradata VantageCloud investment to drive exceptional customer experiences.

One of the key benefits of our joint offering is ActionIQ’s composable architecture — which enables a zero-copy architecture to allow customers to keep their data within Teradata VantageCloud -— increasing security benefits and governance. You can learn more about the benefits of this partnership here.

Exploring the Teradata Possibilities

The ActionIQ team loved exploring what the next few years may hold for the industry and for those partners and customers in the Teradata ecosystem. To learn more about our partnership and how ActionIQ taps into VantageCloud to launch amazing customer experiences, check out our shared Solution Sheet.

Mackenzie Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson
Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing
Mackenzie is an innovative marketing strategist who's passionate about the convergence of complementary technologies and amplifying joint value. With extensive experience across digital transformation storytelling, she thrives on educating enterprise businesses about the impact of CX based on a data-driven approach.
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