ActionIQ Named in Snowflake Modern Data Stack Report and Snowflake Partner to Watch

How Snowflake Partners With ActionIQ to Compose Customer Experiences - ActionIQ Named in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

We love counting ourselves as Snowflake partners — and we’re thrilled to be named in the Snowflake Modern Marketing Data Stack Report.

Today, Snowflake released their Modern Marketing Data Stack Report. In the report, Snowflake analyzes solution usage across their customer base to understand which Snowflake partners, tools and solutions are leading customer experience design — from analytics and modeling to activation and measurement.

ActionIQ is recognized in the “Customer Data Activation” category — showcasing those Snowflake partners that scale activation by creating personalized segments and audiences and delivering those personalized audiences to customers (and results to enterprise clients).

How ActionIQ’s Composable CDP Taps Into the Data Cloud to Activate Customer Experiences

Composable customer data platforms (CDPs) were built in response to a demand for solutions to become purpose-built for the modern data stack. Composable CDPs that map directly to the Data Cloud are the central data hubs for enterprise organizations.

Instead of making copies of your data and shipping it off to a separate CDP, the CDP computes directly where the data lives. Your marketing teams can self-serve with access to more data and better customer experiences. Snowflake partners with ActionIQ by having the CDP tap directly into the Data Cloud — no copies required.

Snowflake partners - How ActionIQ’s Composable CDP Taps Into the Data Cloud to Activate Customer Experiences

This provides a clean way to govern the use of data. You do not need to have identifiable information about customers floating in every system. Rather, you can keep that data in the cloud and still allow the marketers to do their thing by giving them access to the UI and have version control on the data.

With ActionIQ’s composable approach, businesses don’t have to wait for SQL-coded list pulls or IT tickets just to get stale lists. Rather, Snowflake partners with ActionIQ to enable businesses to tap in and activate audiences directly from the Data Cloud to deliver zero-copy activation with a business-friendly UI.

Inside How Snowflake Partners With ActionIQ and Saks

Composable data activation gives marketing teams the freedom to test, learn and drive customer outcomes at scale, while giving IT and analytics teams the governance and control they need to keep their data secure — all saving their teams tons of time.

For Saks, data is incredibly powerful. Data empowers team members across the organization to make decisions that are always smarter and better, through testing and learning. But in order to unlock that data-driven strategy, brands need the tools that will democratize data and activate data-driving decisioning and action — from the analytics team all the way to the marketers and beyond.

For Saks VP of Advanced Analytics and Personalization Nivy Swaminathan, CDPs are joined at the hip with the company’s overall data strategy. They offer a ton of flexibility to future-proof the program, because you will always be able to use your own, first-party data. The composable CDP path allows you to do that by giving you enough freedom to still have your marketers move at their own speed.

Saks’ data is all in Snowflake, where it’s managed by Swaminathan’s team. They build data science models, predicting outcomes at a user level, and all of that rich data gets written back into their Snowflake data system. Snowflake partners with ActionIQ to mirror that work to allow marketers access and activation of all of those insights-driven audiences. With ActionIQ, Saks activates audiences in 10 channels (and growing) through integrations, with first-party data as a signal to activate on different platforms.

The return from having a CDP for Saks manifested in time-savings, agility to rapidly test, learn and optimize on data-driven insights and audiences, and self-service for their marketing teams.

Discover More About How Snowflake Partners With ActionIQ

To learn more about our partnership, check out our solution sheet or catch the full Snowflake Modern Marketing Data Stack Report here to see how different solutions are building on the cloud.

If you’re ready to talk about how you can use ActionIQ’s composable CDP to activate amazing customer experiences on the cloud, reach out to our team.

Mackenzie Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson
Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing
Mackenzie is an innovative marketing strategist who's passionate about the convergence of complementary technologies and amplifying joint value. With extensive experience across digital transformation storytelling, she thrives on educating enterprise businesses about the impact of CX based on a data-driven approach.
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