3 Ways to Create Scalable, Secure and Seamless CX for Publishers

Seamless CX

With data security and privacy laws only getting stricter, consumer expectations for intuitive and seamless CX continue to grow.

According to ActionIQ’s recent research — the 2022 CX IQ Index — brands significantly overrate the performance of their customer experience strategies compared to how consumers perceive them, putting revenue and customer retention at risk. Specifically, 49% of media and publishing brands rated themselves as “very strong” while only 22% of U.S. consumers did the same.

How can publishers future-proof and scale their businesses while elevating customer experiences in the wake of third-party data deprecation?

In our recent webinar — Creating Scalable, Sustainable and Secure CX for Publishers — ActionIQ joined partner InfoSum to discuss how businesses can prepare for future growth in a cookieless world.

Here are the top three takeaways from that discussion.

3 Ways to Create Scalable, Secure and Seamless CX for Publishers

1. Get Data Collaboration Right

Ensure secure data collaboration by connecting multiple proprietary data sets without any movement of that data. Once data sets are matched, insights can be extracted using a data clean room environment, mitigating the risk of identification or exposure.

“Achieving success starts with creating a baseline and 360-degree customer profile of your user based on the data within a zero-party and first-party context,’ said Zach Van Doren, Senior Director of Partnerships at ActionIQ. “From there you can establish the infrastructure and the design to scale that out into other sources of data.”

It’s critical to take the data assets that exist within different marketing tools, pull them together and find synergy to make your data as extensive as possible. Leveraging a data clean room enables publishers to connect and collaborate across their ecosystem while maximizing privacy and performance.

“Businesses have all of this valuable insight on the customer journey, but also want to collaborate with other brands or publishers,” said Valerie Mercurio, Director of Business Development at InfoSum. “Data clean rooms bridge that gap while still keeping teams in control of their own first-party data.”

For a frictionless customer experience, publishers need access to quality data partnerships from multiple sources to extract the necessary insights that ultimately power their strategies.

2. Prioritize Agility, Speed and Consistency

A customer data platform (CDP) enables publishers to scale their data and understand business needs by unifying data to build a single comprehensive view. This single source of truth enables business users to explore the data and gain new insights.

“Your martech stack needs to be accessible to business users,” Van Doren said. “Having this framework in place then allows businesses to be agile, flexible, with adequate speed.”

Providing organizations with self-service tools that enable them to access audience insights in real-time to provide personalized experiences across channels is key in providing exceptional customer experiences.

“The collection and aggregation of varying behaviors and data from different sources into one centralized hub is substantiated by the 360-degree customer view within the CDP,” Van Doren said.

Having a full customer view puts the power in the hands of the publishers to orchestrate authentic, omnichannel customer journeys and real-time experiences, all while maintaining governance and control of that data.

3. Ensure Privacy at Every Step

Your data is the life blood of your organization and must be protected at all costs.

Consumers expect more transparent and honest use of their data, and businesses that don’t respect privacy risk loss of customer loyalty and retention, as well as reputation.

“Data clean rooms help marketers and publishers take control of their data to succeed and future-proof their business,” Mercurio said. “Protecting your first-party customer data is key to succeed and scale.”

Keeping privacy at the center of your strategy ensures the protection of customers when you operationalize that data in the form of activation. Once you’ve established your data is as extensive and safe as possible, it’s time to make it actionable.

“It’s critical to select technologies that are powering your stack to become the most efficient and the most scalable in this post-cookie era,” Mercurio said.

By leveraging a CDP solution with the ability to activate one-to-one customer experiences across the entire journey — augmented by a data clean room infrastructure — publishers are able to unlock the power of their data in a way that is secure and dynamic.

Learn More About Achieving Seamless CX

Download The Enterprise Advertiser’s Guide to CX in a Cookieless World to understand how third-party cookie deprecation may impact your business use cases and what you can do to set yourself up for success.

Want to take the next step? Contact our industry experts to get your burning questions answered.

Mackenzie Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson
Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing
Mackenzie is an innovative marketing strategist who's passionate about the convergence of complementary technologies and amplifying joint value. With extensive experience across digital transformation storytelling, she thrives on educating enterprise businesses about the impact of CX based on a data-driven approach.
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